Richmond Beach Garage Sale

Saturday, May 18, 2019 - all day
throughout Richmond Beach

You can find the map to community garage sales here.

The annual Richmond Beach Community Garage Sale sponsored by Richmond Beach Community Association is just around the corner. No registration necessary - simply round up your sale items and post some signs in your front yard and at nearby intersections. RBCA takes care of the publicity and advertising for you. Ads will be placed in The Seattle Times, Richmond Beach News, Craigslist, and on various social networks.


If you would like your sale placed on a garage sale map, please email your address to Tom Berquist, at by Monday, May 13th.

Maps will be available online at and at the Richmond Beach Coffee Company (1442 NW Richmond Beach Road) starting the day before (Friday, May 17) the sale.

Selected Tips for a Successful Garage Sale from

  • Go through your entire house to locate and sell anything you no longer want or need.
  • Don’t base what you sell on what you would buy.
  • Offer to sell stuff for family and friends.
  • Take the time to clean sale items.
  • Offer free lemonade, cookies, or even just ice water.
  • Use an apron or fanny pack for money. (Do not use a cash box.) Carry your money with you at all times.
  • Pricing
    • Know the value of your items. By doing some research on eBay or Craigslist
    • Don’t price your stuff too low. People like to bargain, so allow some wiggle room.
    • Price items like a store. If you have a lot of something, “Buy 3, get 1 free”
    • Be willing to bargain, but be less flexible at the start.
    • Don’t cut prices by much the morning of the sale, unless they are buying a ton of stuff
    • By the end of the sale, it’s best to practically give things away rather than face the prospect of having to deal with it later.
    • Signage 101
      • Use bright colors to attract attention.
      • Use a thick marker of a contrasting color to make big, bold text.
      • Have large arrows pointing in the correct direction.
      • Post multiple signs around your neighborhood.
      • Place signs at nearby major intersections and at each turn along the way.
      • After the sale is over, remove all the signs!

      Unsold Items May Be Donated

      If you don’t sell all of your items, Deseret Industries will gladly accept donations of unsold garage sale items at their store at 17935 Aurora Avenue North in Shoreline (542-9447).

      Sponsored by Richmond Beach Community Association

      For more information:
      Contact Tom Berquist at