2015 marks the 72st year of the Richmond Beach Community Association. In 1944 a men-only service organization called the "Ninety-nine" was formed. Torrey Smith was the first president. One of the first orders of business was to decide whether smoking would be permitted during meetings. Ladies were allowed to bring and serve coffee and pie at the end of each meeting. Within a few years, the organization evolved into the Richmond Beach Community Club and women were welcomed into the group. Since that beginning, the club has been instrumental in the progress of Richmond Beach from a residential area on the Puget Sound shoreline to a diverse, densely populated neighborhood in the new City of Shoreline. Activities have been garnered from old club minutes.
  • 1952

    1. Joe Lutey reported the community should be proud of the men who patrolled the beach to enforce the 11 p.m. curfew. The rowdy element has left.
    2. The club donated $50 for advertising to help "put over the bond measure." The measure was the purchase of the property now known as Richmond Beach Saltwater Park.
  • 1953

    1. Carnival date set for November 21. The Highlands Parish asked for the coffee and cake booth at the carnival. The carnival committee reported total receipts of $970.60 with a net to the organization of $798.70.
  • 1955

    1. The club petitioned for sewers to cover the area from 8th Avenue N.W. to 20th Avenue N.W. and the King-Snohomish County line to Innis Arden.
    2. Park clean up scheduled. Beach patrol continued.
  • 1959

    1. Women's work party on the school ground scheduled for Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m. Men's work party scheduled for Saturday at 10 a.m.
  • 1960

    1. Discussion was made regarding incorporation of this area.
    2. Volunteers worked on the Schools South Bank. Shrubs were donated by Cubs, Firemen and the PTA.
    3. Harold Miller from Metro spoke regarding the Metro Sewer Plan and how it would affect the Richmond Beach and Ronald areas.
  • 1962

    1. Continued investigation and discussion on how Richmond Beach can get sewers.
  • 1963

    1. Community Club member appointed to work with the water commission on a six year plan for street lighting.
    2. Letter sent to Standard Oil asking their cooperation in getting their truck drivers to observe the speed limit on all of Richmond Beach Road.
  • 1970

    1. CACTIS (Community Action to Improve Water Service) was formed to support the proposal for direct service to Richmond Beach. The proposal included purchasing the privately owned and operated Richmond Beach Water Company or contracting service with Seattle City Water.
  • 1971

    1. Formed committee to support the Light Levy to retire unpaid electrical bills.
  • 1972

    1. Marge Unruh announced the June meeting would be a community weiner roast to be held at the Richmond Beach County Park (Saltwater).
    2. Candidate's night included pitches from Lois North and Donn Chernley.
  • 1975

    1. Neighborhood Crime Watch program instigated.
    2. The use of the Richmond Beach Elementary School site for a park is urged.
  • 1976

    1. Call for donations of historical interest to the Shoreline Historical Museum as it became a fact, not a dream.
    2. Richmond Beach Post Office moved to the Innis Arden Pharmacy. Club box number 186 remains the same.
    3. Richmond Beach Community Club votes to lease the school from King County Parks Department—develops community park with King County.
    4. Richmond Beach Community Club joins Shoreline Chamber of Commerce.
  • 1979

    1. First Strawberry Festival sponsored by the Richmond Beach Community Club.
  • 1983

    1. Fourth Annual Strawberry Festival combined with Park Beautification Day. Hot dogs, baked beans and strawberry Jello.
  • 1989

    1. Sewer swap and closure of Metro treatment plant in Richmond Beach, saving taxpayers $10 million.
  • 1991

    1. Involved in the Shoreline Governance Study.
  • 1992

    1. Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) siting of office with over 60 workers at Point Wells. Temporary office in Harbor Square, now located in Everett.
  • 1995

    1. Post office returns to Richmond Beach where it is housed in Richmond Beach Foods. The Richmond Beach Community Council's box number remains the same.

Historical Photo of Richmond Beach, Washingtonclick photo to enlarge

Standing on Cascade Street (NW 197th), just up the hill (east) from Heperus (23rd NW), looking west toward Puget Sound, circa 1910. The Richmond Beach Congregational Church is on the right. The Richmond Beach School is on the left, outside of the photographer's view.

From the Shoreline Historical Museum collection, property of the Museum, captions courtesy of Vicki Stiles

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