RBCA Leadership Team

Building Community Together

Richmond Beach Community Association
Board of Directors - 2016-17

Title Name Email
President Christie Quigley president@richmondbeachwa.org
Vice President Tom Petersen vicepresident@richmondbeachwa.org
Secretary Tom Mailhot secretary@richmondbeachwa.org
Treasurer Bryce Hansen treasurer@richmondbeachwa.org
Board Member Brian Osborn boardmember4@richmondbeachwa.org
Board Member George Buswell boardmember1@richmondbeachwa.org
Board Member David Davis boardmember5@richmondbeachwa.org
Board Member Jessica Jain boardmember3@richmondbeachwa.org
Board Member Alicia Schroder boardmember2@richmondbeachwa.org
To reach all board members
plus the Executive Director:


Point Wells Tom Mailhot pointwells@richmondbeachwa.org

Non-Board Positions

Executive Director Teresa Pape execdirector@richmondbeachwa.org
Membership Anne Heron and Karen Marshall membership@richmondbeachwa.org
Webmaster Jan Eckmann webmaster@richmondbeachwa.org
Graphic Designer Leah Malmos  
Photographer Bob Pfeiffer  
Welcome Packets Jenni Gallagher  
Welcome Ambassadors Cindy Hensel
Ginger Franey
Legal Counsel Bill Willard  

Richmond Beach Community News

Production Manager Betty Ngan editor@richmondbeachwa.org
Ad Manager Allison Taylor admanager@richmondbeachwa.org
Billing Allison Taylor billing@richmondbeachwa.org
Circulation Jill Brunsch circulation@richmondbeachwa.org

Meet the Board


Alicia Schroder
Alicia joined the RBCA Board in 2020. Alicia has been living in Richmond Beach since 2012 and has fallen in love with the neighborhood and community. Alicia has worked in public service since 2005 and is currently a Program Manager/Supervisor in the Federal Government. When not running around with her two young daughters she enjoys traveling, painting, sewing, tinkering in the garden and every fall making elaborate Halloween costumes mostly from felt and hot glue. Alicia and her fiancé Tim have a “Rock and Roll Bucket List” which they are actively working on checking off acts before they stop touring. Alicia has a Bachelors degree in Clinical Laboratory Science (clinical pathology) with a minor in Criminal Justice form the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters Degree in Strategic Planning for Critical Infrastructure from the University of Washington.


David Davis
David joined the RBCA Board in 2015. He and his wife, Marnie, along with their three children, have lived in Richmond Beach for 17 years. David is a proud fourth generation Washington native and a graduate of Coupeville High and The University of Puget Sound. His nearly 30-year career in high-tech sales has spanned multiple companies such as Cisco Systems. Currently he is the Client Executive responsible for the team covering The Boeing Company globally for World Wide Technology.


Bryce Hansen
Bryce joined the RBCA Board in 2017. He and his wife moved to Richmond Beach in 2015 in search of a community like they were raised and are thrilled to have found Richmond Beach. When not working in his mergers and acquisitions business, Bryce can be found working on their 1948 house, skiing, mountain biking, hiking or sailing. Bryce received a bachelors in business administration (accounting) at Washington State University and is a credentialed CPA, CGMA (management accountant) and ABV (business valuation).


Jessica Jain
Jessica joined the RBCA Board in 2018. She, her husband and two young children moved to Richmond Beach in August of 2017. Although new to the community, they plan to be here for a very long time and are excited to establish some deep roots. Jessica and her husband, Rajit, met at Boeing, where she worked for 10 years, and now she stays home with their children. They keep her quite busy, but when she finds the time she loves to try new crafts of any kind and attempt to keep up with entertainment, movies and television. She is excited for all of the opportunities that the RBCA Board will bring to her and her family.


George Buswell
George joined the RBCA Board in 2018. He and his wife have lived in Richmond Beach since 2004, and all of their 4 children attended the Shoreline schools. George recently retired from Boeing, where he worked for the last 30 years. He is loving the retired life and fills his days with biking, making mosaics, travelling, reading, home projects, raising chickens, cooking, bowling, etc. He is delighted to be a member of the RBCA Board and to help out in our community.


Tom Mailhot
Tom joined the RBCA Board in 2016. He and his wife, Betty, have lived in Richmond Beach for over 30 years. They have two grown sons who attended Shoreline schools. Tom is retired from a career as a software developer after working 38 years for the same company. Tom has been very active in the Point Wells issue, serving on the board of Save Richmond Beach for many years. Tom still plays soccer outdoors all year round and serves on the board of the Greater Seattle Soccer League.


Tom Petersen
Tom was on the RBCA Board from 2006-2012 and rejoined the Board in 2014. He and his wife and three children have been in Richmond Beach for over 20 years, and they have all been active in the community. Tom coordinates the neighborhood blood drives, is active in the local Bluegrass music scene and is always on some civic board or committee or another. Tom is a junior high history teacher. There is a bit of showman in him, and he usually ends up being the presenter or MC at local events.


Christie Quigley
Christie joined the RBCA Board in 2014. She and husband, Sean, have lived in Richmond Beach since 1993, returning to the area where she was raised so their own three children could attend Shoreline schools. She has served on the UW Alumni Board and is past president of both the SW Boosters and the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation. Christie is currently on the board for Gamma Phi Beta sorority at the UW and the Windermere Foundation. Professionally Christie is a real estate broker with Windermere.

Meet the Executive Director


Teresa Pape
Teresa was hired as the Executive Director of the RBCA in December 2018. She and her husband, Craig, along with their two boys, love being part of the community. Teresa has over 20 years of television production experience. When she first moved to Shoreline in 2000, she worked for King 5. She then moved onto creating programming for a variety of cable networks, including HGTV and A&E. Teresa enjoys running along the Richmond Beach bluff, eating at many of the local restaurants and cheering for her boys who are both on Hillwood soccer teams.

Mission, Vision, Values

RBCA Board Mission

The mission of the Richmond Beach Community Association Board is to promote the well-being of the Richmond Beach community.

RBCA Board Vision

All residents of Richmond Beach demonstrate a sense of belonging and pride in our neighborhood and the greater Shoreline community. We feel safe, fully informed and actively engaged in helping to make our community even better.

RBCA Board Values

  • To inform our residents about issues and topics that affect our community.
  • To foster a sense of neighborhood, social interaction, volunteerism and community pride among our residents.
  • To engage the Richmond Beach community with the City of Shoreline and surrounding communities.

Document revised by unanimous vote of RBCA Board, October 15, 2017