Map Your Neighborhood

Map Your Neighborhood coming to Richmond Beach

In 2017, there were wildfires in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and California. There were hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and Nate. We also saw multiple tornados sweep across the country, an ice storm, as well as a heat wave. These are just the natural disasters. Everyday there are other disasters that occur. Disasters are major events that can strike anywhere and at any time. In a disaster, traditional 911 and first responder capabilities such as fire, police, medics and utility personnel will be overwhelmed and unable to immediately assist individuals.

This is where the Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program comes in. Your first line of defense and assistance will be your neighbors. And you will need to know where to go, who has what supplies and what skills are available to help others. MYN will provide that information in one easy to find place.

The Washington Military Department Emergency Preparedness website lists the potential threats and hazards to Washington as: avalanches, drought, earthquake, flood, landslide, severe storm, tsunami, volcano, wildfire, hazardous material and radiological. While every one of these is not a probable event in our specific neighborhood, we still need to be prepared. We all know that a major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest is on the horizon. Now whether it is in a year or in 100 years, no one can predict, but the work we do now to prepare can only benefit us and our families in the future to better survive.

What next?

We will break the large Richmond Beach neighborhood down into smaller micro-neighborhoods consisting of 15-20 houses each, with special consideration taken for apartment and condominium complexes. We will need a leader from each of these micro-neighborhoods to take point on leading the group through a presentation on filling out the packet of information. The city of Shoreline provides a packet that makes it straight forward to gather all of the information needed. We will begin with all RBCA Board members, but will still need many other volunteers as well to lead groups. If you are interested in being the lead for your micro-neighborhood, please contact Jessica Jain at She will be leading this effort for the Richmond Beach community.

Preparing our neighborhood is vital. Neighbors will likely be the first ones to offer assistance. Neighbors that are prepared are more effective in their response to a disaster and have an increased capacity to be self-sufficient for the first 72 hours after a disaster. We ask that everyone participate in this program as anyone who does not, ultimately will become a burden and create a potential liability on surrounding neighbors in the event of an emergency. This will be an ongoing project that will take some time.

Richmond Beach Map

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