Historical Photo of Richmond Beach, Washingtonclick photo to enlarge

Looking west from south side of Auburn Street (NW 194th), circa 1910. The only poles in the photo are the telegraph poles along the railroad tracks in the distance.

From the Shoreline Historical Museum collection, property of the Museum, captions courtesy of Vicki Stiles

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Membership in the Richmond Beach Community Association (RBCA) is an investment in the community you live in. Even if you are unable or do not choose to attend the RBCA meetings, membership in the RBCA is a way to show that you support the Richmond Beach community. The Richmond Beach Community Association provides a strong voice to the Shoreline City leadership that we are concerned about the issues that affect our community.

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  • Who can be a member?

    • Membership is available to any person of legal voting age in Washington State who subscribes to the interests of the Association. Membership consists of two classes: individual membership and associate membership. Individual membership is available to any person who resides within the geographic area of Richmond Beach. An individual member is entitled to engage in all activities of the Association. Associate membership is a non-voting membership available to any other interested person or business.
  • How do I join the RBCA?

  • How many people belong to the RBCA?

    • As of March 2015 there are approximately 500 current members. The membership roster goes back to 1991.
  • I pay my dues each year, so why does my Richmond Beach Community News come addressed to resident?

    • The RBCA uses a mailing service and a bulk mail permit to mail the Richmond Beach Community News. The RBCN is mailed to all residents of Richmond Beach. This is necessary to ensure our advertisers that their ad will get the widest possible coverage. It would be too costly to mail to individual names. Individuals that live outside the Richmond Beach boundaries and are RBCA members receive their News by a special mailing.
  • Why don't I receive the Richmond Beach Community News in the mail?

  • When are my membership dues due for renewal and will I receive a reminder?

    • Your dues are renewable one year from the month you last paid. A renewal notice along with a membership renewal form and a return envelope will be mailed during the month, or close to the month your dues are due. You don't need to write anything on that renewal form unless the pre printed information has changed. It helps with computer entry if you return the pre-printed form.
  • What is the reference number on the renewal form used for?

    • The membership information is maintained in a computer database. The reference number allows me to access your membership file by just typing in the number. This saves a considerable amount of time when updating renewals. The membership records are kept in a Microsoft Access database.
  • How can I find out if my membership is due for renewal?

    • Membership renewal requests are sent out approximately one month prior to expiration. If you have questions, please email them to Membership@RichmondBeachWA.org.
  • What do I get for my $20 membership fee?

    • You are showing your support for your community and helping to keep the longest standing community council in Shoreline active. Income is limited to membership dues, advertising support and donations. Also, as an active member you will get to vote for RBCA officers at the May business meeting.
  • Why don't I receive a membership card or confirmation of my membership renewal?

    • A few years ago we use to send out membership cards. It turned out to be very time consuming and costly. At that time the RBCA Board decided to keep the membership dues at $20 per person and not raise the rate to cover the cost of membership confirmation. An informal survey of some members indicated that membership confirmation was not necessary as their cancelled check was an adequate receipt.

If you are reading this and are not a member, please consider joining today. If you are already a member, thank you for your continued support and please encourage your friends and neighbors to join.

Tom Penrod, RBCA Membership Chair