Mission, Vision and Values

RBCA Mission

  • The mission of the Richmond Beach Community Association is to promote the welfare of the community of Richmond Beach, Washington, and to encourage civic betterment among residents.

RBCA Vision

  • All residents of Richmond Beach demonstrate a sense of belonging and pride in our neighborhood and the greater Shoreline community. We feel safe, fully informed and actively engaged in helping to make our Community better than we ever imagined.

RBCA Values

  • Residents of the Richmond Beach Community value:
    1. Keeping our residents aware and informed of issues by providing forums that create the opportunity for residents to form and express ideas, opinions and needs.
    2. Promoting and producing social events and projects that generate a sense of neighborhood and enjoyment among our residents.
    3. Nurturing engagement among the Richmond Beach community, the City of Shoreline and surrounding communities.

Historical Photo of Richmond Beach, Washingtonclick photo to enlarge

The Great Northern depot at Richmond Beach, circa 1920.

From the Shoreline Historical Museum collection, property of the Museum, captions courtesy of Vicki Stiles

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