Orca Public Art Project

Special Reception - Meet the Orcas and Their Artists!

Thursday, April 27 - 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Shoreline City Hall Lobby
17500 Midvale Avenue North

RBCA and the City of Shoreline invite the public to attend an opening reception of the finished artwork for RBCA’s Beach Orcas public art project. Artists will be in attendance along with all 22 orcas for viewing. Light refreshments and musical accompaniment provided; welcoming remarks by Mayor Chris Roberts, Parks Director Eric Friedli and others at 6:00 p.m. All are welcome!


In early 2016, the RBCA Board spent a lot of time at Board meetings discussing the question, “How can we as an RBCA Board express our deep appreciation to the Richmond Beach community for all you do to support us as a Board?”

When we started brainstorming possible answers to our question, we obviously didn’t know where it would lead us. We knew we wanted our tribute to the community to be something tangible, lasting, public and first-class. We knew we wanted something that would help us as a community distinguish ourselves with our own unique neighborhood brand or identity. We just didn’t know what it would look like.

The Gift

Fiberglass blank for Orcas on Parade

Eventually, our early brainstorms coalesced into something concrete, and we are very excited to share it with you. In September 2016, the RBCA Board voted unanimously to launch a Richmond Beach Public Art project called Beach Orcas on Parade. Our project will place up to 22 artist-embellished Orcas on public display in prominent outdoor locations throughout the Richmond Beach community.

We issued a Call for Artists and received over 65 proposals by very talented artists. A peer jury selected 22 art pieces for entry in our exhibit. Right now, the artists are hard at work embellishing what is referred to in the trade as a blank. For our project, the blank is a hollow fiberglass whale, weighing in at about 5 lbs. and standing 23” tall and 43” wide.


The Gift Unwrapped

Submitted design for Orcas on Parade

In late April, artists will deliver their finished art pieces to RBCA in preparation for their debut at the RBCA Strawberry Festival in May 2017.

After their debut, the selected Orcas will be mounted on 6’ stands and displayed in mini-pods around our community. Our plan is to have the Orcas on parade from May until the Halloween Carnival in October. Then they will head indoors for a well-deserved rest until the following spring’s coming-out party at the 2018 Strawberry Festival.

Come See our Gift to You

Mark your calendars now for the exciting debut of 22 fantastic Orca art pieces on Saturday, May 13, at the 2017 annual Strawberry Festival.

The launch of our Beach Orcas on Parade public art project is the RBCA Board’s gift to you for all you do to make the Richmond Beach community such a special place to live.

Thank you Richmond Beach community,
RBCA Board of Directors