Marge Unruh Service Award


The Richmond Beach Community Association (RBCA) accepts nominations for the annual Marge Unruh Community Service Awards.

The award was created in 1999 to recognize individuals in Richmond Beach who get involved and make this a great place to live. Award winners receive a plaque and have their names engraved on a perpetual plaque.

In 1999, Will Unruh accepted a plaque in memory of his wife, Marge Unruh, in whose honor the award is dedicated. Recipients are chosen by a committee comprised of former recipients from nominations submitted by residents. Everyone knows at least one person who deserves to be considered for this award. Please take the time to fill out the nomination form by April 15 for the current year's award.

Criteria for selection is based on outstanding service to the community. Candidates can be a person, business or organization, and do not necessarily need to reside in Richmond Beach or be a member of the Community Association. Some examples include service to the Richmond Beach Community Association through board leadership; serving on standing committees or participation in RBCA activities; promotion of issues benefiting the community; fundraising for community projects; service to youth, elderly or disabled in the community; environmental service to the community; or beautification of the community. Recipients are announced each year at the Richmond Beach Community Association May general meeting.

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2018 Awards
  • Sheri Ashleman
  • Rick Ashleman
  • Jan Eckmann
Previous Recipients


  • Tom Mailhot
  • Susie Johnson
  • Streetzeria


  • Tom McCormick
  • Allison Taylor
  • Don Wilson


  • Jerry Patterson
  • Tom Penrod
  • Tammy Ceesay and SWHS SERVE Club


  • Full Moon Thai Cuisine
  • Jack Hutt
  • Bill Willard


  • Bob Pfeiffer
  • Joe and Evie Phillips
  • Save Richmond Beach


  • Sherry Edwards
  • Jack Malek
  • Marge Mueller


  • Lee's Martial Arts Academy
  • Tracy Tallman
  • Scott and Andie Piteo


  • Ed Adams
  • Tom Petersen


  • Dick Deal
  • Vicky Stiles


  • Scott Becker
  • Anina Sill
  • Melanie Granfors


  • Jerry Girmus
  • Sean and Christie Quigley
  • Chris Riveland


  • Starla Hohbach
  • Harley O'Neil
  • Dave Bannister


  • Mary Bannister
  • Dr. Art Kruckeberg
  • Vladimir Oustambassidis


  • Everett Ellis
  • Paul Gorgen
  • Nancy Shaw


  • Richmond Beach Congregational Church
  • Donna Spee
  • John Thielke


  • Maggie Fimia
  • Linda Jo Pym
  • Scott Jepsen


  • Rick Ashleman
  • Bill Clements
  • Ron Greeley


  • Susan Will
  • Sheri Ashleman
  • Karen Thielke


  • Pizza Mia
  • Grace Marshall
  • Scott Keeny